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Top-Selling Off-Plan Apartments in Dubai
12th March 2024  

Dubai's real estate market remains a beacon for investors, and the off-plan segment continues to witness a surge in popularity. With promises of high returns and attractive payment plans, these properties offer a compelling proposition for both homeowners and investors.

But identifying the hottest projects can be a challenge. This article delves into the most sought-after off-plan apartments in Dubai for 2024, providing valuable insights to guide your investment decisions.

Top Performers Based On Sales Data

Recognizing outstanding contributions within the sales team is crucial. By delving into sales data, we can pinpoint our top performers. This analysis considers various factors like total revenue generated, units sold, and profit margin.

Elitz 3 by Danube (Jumeirah Village Circle)

This project boasts a strategic location and diverse living spaces, attracting over 200 buyers in January 2024 alone.

The EDGE by Select Group (Business Bay)

Offering stunning cityscapes and premium amenities, The EDGE secured the second spot with over 190 sold-out units.

Promising Developments To Consider

The landscape is constantly evolving, presenting exciting new possibilities. Here, we'll delve into some promising developments worth considering. These advancements hold the potential to significantly shape the future in various aspects, making them crucial areas to stay informed about.

Oakley Square by Ellington Properties (Jumeirah Village Circle)

This project by Ellington Properties offers a prime location and caters to a sophisticated lifestyle.

Six Senses Residences by Select Group (Palm Jumeirah)

Nestled on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, this development promises luxury living with the renowned Six Senses hospitality experience.

Binghatti Gardenia by Binghatti Developers (Jumeirah Village Circle)

This project provides a blend of affordability and modern living, making it an attractive option for various investors.

Why Are These Apartments So Popular?

Several factors contribute to an off-plan project's success:


Let's face it, everyone wants to live in a well-connected area with easy access to shops, restaurants, and transportation. Projects situated in such prime spots naturally attract more interest.

Developer Reputation

A developer with a proven track record of successful projects instills trust in buyers. When a company has a history of delivering high-quality properties on time, it makes the decision to invest in their off-plan offerings much easier.

Payment Plans that Work for You

Not everyone has a lump sum ready to invest. Flexible payment structures that cater to diverse financial needs are a game-changer. Many developers offer attractive installments, making it easier for aspiring homeowners and investors to enter the market.

The "Wow" Factor

Let's be honest, everyone wants a place they can be proud of. High-end finishes, unique architectural elements, and a range of leisure facilities like swimming pools and gyms add to a project's appeal and desirability.


Q. What were the top-selling areas in Dubai's real estate market recently?

A. Al Barsha South Fourth, Madinat Dubai Almelaheyah, and Business Bay are leading in recent sales.

Q. Which off-plan apartment has seen the most sales recently?

A.  Oceanz 2 by Danube is currently the top-selling off-plan apartment.

Q. What was the highest-priced land transaction recently?

A.  Dubai Investment Park Second recorded the highest transaction value.

Q. Which ready villa development has witnessed the most transactions recently?

A. Reem Townhouses is the preferred choice for ready villa buyers.

Q. What are some notable off-plan villa developments recently?

A. Mudon Al Ranim 7 and Mudon Al Ranim 8 are attracting attention in the off-plan villa segment.

Q. Which ready apartment development has achieved the highest sales figures recently?

A. Socio stands out with the highest sales in the ready apartment category.

Q. How would you describe the current state of the real estate market in Dubai?

A. The market is dynamic, with robust activity observed across various segments.

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