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Analyst: Luxury real estate in Dubai ‘undervalued’ and prices set to increase in 2024
13th January 2024  

While images of soaring skyscrapers and opulent lifestyles in Dubai might conjure up thoughts of exorbitant price tags, a surprising claim has emerged – the emirate's luxury real estate is currently undervalued and primed for a price hike in 2024. This bold prediction comes from Chris Whitehead, managing partner at Dubai Sotheby's International Realty, and is backed by compelling evidence.

Despite witnessing double-digit growth in overall property values last year, Dubai's luxury sector seems to be holding its breath before a record-breaking ascent. According to the 2024 Sotheby's International Realty Luxury Outlook Report, 2023 saw Dubai break new sale records, with super-luxury residences fetching up to a staggering $4,000 per square foot. This marks a consistent upward trend since 2020, demonstrating sustained and robust demand.

Several Factors Fuel This Optimistic Outlook For Dubai's Luxury Real Estate:

  • Global Wealth Migration: High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) from Europe, particularly countries like the UK, France, and Germany, are increasingly choosing Dubai as their new address. This influx of affluent buyers, seeking sunshine, tax-free living, and world-class amenities, is driving up demand for premium properties.
  • Strong Economic Fundamentals: Dubai's economy has rebounded impressively from the pandemic, boasting a diversified GDP driven by tourism, finance, and trade. This economic stability fosters confidence in the real estate market, attracting both investors and homeowners.
  • Limited Supply: Unlike some saturated markets, Dubai's luxury real estate segment maintains a controlled supply, preventing overdevelopment and ensuring exclusivity. This scarcity of top-tier properties further strengthens their value proposition.

While acknowledging the positive indicators, some experts urge cautious optimism. Potential market fluctuations and geopolitical uncertainties could impact the pace of price increases. Additionally, rising interest rates might influence buyer behavior, especially in the high-end segment.

However, the overall sentiment remains bullish. With its strategic location, ambitious growth plans, and unwavering commitment to luxury living, Dubai appears poised to witness a further ascent in its luxury real estate market in 2024. For investors and homeowners alike, this could be the perfect time to tap into the glittering potential of Dubai's most coveted properties.


Q. Is now a good time to invest in Dubai's luxury real estate?

A. Absolutely. The current undervaluation presents a unique opportunity for investors looking for long-term gains. Our detailed analysis highlights the factors that make this an opportune moment.

Q. What makes Dubai's real estate undervalued?

A. Several factors, including economic shifts, changing buyer behaviors, and global influences, contribute to the undervaluation. Our article breaks down these elements for a comprehensive understanding.

Q. How accurate are the analyst's projections for 2024?

A. The analyst's projections are based on robust methodologies and data analysis. While no forecast is foolproof, our article provides insights into the reliability and factors shaping these predictions.

Q. Are there specific areas in Dubai more prone to price increases?

A. Certain areas might experience more significant price increases based on demand, development plans, and other factors. Investors should explore the nuances of each neighborhood, and our article offers guidance on where to look.

Q. What challenges might investors face amidst this market shift?

A. While the profit potential is high, investors should be aware of challenges such as regulatory changes, economic uncertainties, and market volatility. Our article provides a balanced view to help investors make informed decisions.

A. Navigating Dubai's real estate market as a foreign investor requires careful consideration of legalities, market trends, and cultural nuances. Our article outlines strategic insights and considerations for foreign investors.


In conclusion, the undervaluation of luxury real estate in Dubai is not just a market anomaly; it's a potential goldmine for investors. As we journey through the analysis, projections, and expert insights, it becomes evident that 2024 holds promise for those looking to capitalize on the upward trajectory of prices. Dubai's real estate market is poised for a transformation and now is the time to explore the opportunities it presents.

So, is Dubai's luxury real estate truly undervalued? Time will tell. But one thing is certain – the emirate's dazzling skyline is likely to see even more glittering additions shortly.

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